10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Mum’s (Infographic)

Life as a mum can be busy, which is why our friends over at Mellie Green (who sell lots of cute organic baby clothes btw!) have put together this Infographic for our blog. Lots of good tips for saving time; At home and when you are out and about.

10 Time saving tips for busy mum's

Ready for more time saving tips?

Great. Why not head over to our Pinterest page? Over at Pinterest, we have a fab collection boards with some great resources for Parents. For example, how to get ready for back to school, how to travel with kids and of course what back to school name label packs you should be getting – Because Kids Lose Stuff!

12 ways to get kids to eat more fruit & vegetables

If you are a parent, you know the struggle! You are all sat at the kitchen table and the little ones are suddenly not so keen on eating their greens. Or you are out driving and hear constant moans from the kids in the backseat as you zoom past McDonalds. Here are 12 smart tricks to succeed and make sure your children stay on the right side of foods.

1. Offer diverse food colors


In a post over at Summer Tomato, one thing that is suggested is to use vegetables to expose your kids to more colors on their plates. An idea might be to separate vegetable dishes and let each colour speak for itself, rather than mixing vegetables together into a single colored casserole.

2. Go for fruit skewers!


A lot of kids struggle and would rather not eat fruits, but part of the problem (and the solution) might be to change how we present fruit. Why not present fruit in style with something go-crazy creative like a fruit skewer? We don’t know what it is about sticking food on a stick that appeals, but it might be the novelty of not having to use cutlery or your hands to eat.

3. Make a Smoothie


Blend it! Guaranteed to raise a few smiles (and the young ones might be more inclined to try it out thanks to their colours). It is also easy to sneak in a few hidden vegetables as you are mixing the smoothie, which is a bonus!

4. Introduce a “no thank you” bite rule.

In a similar blog post over at CNN, the mother and journalist Amy Traverso suggests that letting your child take a bite before veoting something on the plate might be a good idea.

“We figure as long as our son is tasting the food, he’ll eventually get comfortable with it,” Amy Traverso

5. Chop your Vegetables (and be creative)

When we are in a rush, we might all revert to our own ways of chopping vegetables (which might not always be the best way to do it) Here is a video to refresh your memory and help you master the basics.

If you have some more time and want to make the vegetables even more fun and appealing to your kids, there are many fun and creative ways to chop vegetables for highest possible fun factor.

6. It is all about presentation…

Make it rain…


Show off those beautiful feathers…




7. Make vegetables a starter

Put a plate of raw vegetables out before the main meal, at the time when the young ones are at their hungriest!

8. Prepare meals together

Let your children help you wash the vegetables and if they are older, help them or show them how to chop vegetables as you are making the meal. This is a great way of showing them the “behind the scenes” of how vegetables go from their raw form to being part of a meal or just cut nicely on a plate.  It’s great to get kids involved with cooking at an early age, it also encourages them to question what is in the food they are eating.


9. Take them to the supermarket

If your kids are with you as you are buying the greens and vegetables in the first place, try and get them involved already form the beginning in selecting and/or picking up the fruits and vegetables. They will be more likely to eat them in the end, as you can always say “remember this is the one that you picked? At least try a piece!” at the dinner table.

10. Keep it up

No children like to be constantly reminded of something, but eating vegetables is a lot about  “acquired” taste. It simply takes a while before it becomes natural to eat them! Keep at it in both subtle and more obvious ways, and reward your kids for when they make progress! Continue setting a good example, creating fun and positive experiences around eating vegetables and celebrate small victories.

11. Be sneaky (hide them!)


Disguise them! Vegetables as part of sauces, pasta sauces, soups or stews is one of our biggest weapons in getting kids to get all of their greens.

12. Set an example

The biggest tip of them all. Kids to what their parents do, so the far best way to affect your child’s eating behaviour is by making sure you get your vegetables and greens too!



7 Last Minute Decoration Ideas for Halloween

With Halloween coming up and the days getting darker, now is a good time for making decorations. Here are some great ideas we’ve found online this week:

7. Clementine Pumpkins


No Halloween is complete without Pumpkins!

6. Pumpkin Party Cooler


5. Googly Ping Pong Eyes


4. Vampire Fang Holder


3. Grape Caterpillar Kabobs 


2. Paper Plate Ghost


1. Handprint Spiders







6 Tips for Going Back to School

The school start is right around the corner, and it’s high time to start thinking about getting organised for when your children go back to school. Here are a few tips to help you make sure everything goes smoothly!


1. To avoid stressful mornings, make a general check list of what needs to be done every morning and what needs to go in the school bag. To make it more fun, both for you and for your child, make the check list together, using colours and crafts.

personalised pencils and pencil cases

2. Your children will no doubt need new pens, rubbers and other stationery. Check out our great range of personalised pencils, colouring pencils and pencil cases. Makes it more fun for the children, plus lessens the risk of missing pens significantly!


3. On the first day, your son or daughter might be a bit nervous, even if they’ve been to school the year before. Make them feel a bit more positive by making an extra special breakfast. Why not try scones, pancakes, waffles or croissants?

back to school packs labels

4. In a school class with a lot of children, it’s inevitable that stuff gets lost. Minimise the risk with our great Back to School Packs, with a selection of labels for your child’s school uniform, sports equipment, pencils, water bottle, lunch boxes, and so on. Our School Packs all include bag tags for your child’s school bag, and vinyl labels for hard, smooth surfaces, plus your choice of clothing labels. You can choose from Stick On clothing labels, Press-and-Click clothing labels, Snappy Tags, Sew On clothing labels, Woven Iron On labels and Easy to Use Iron On labels. Practical, clever and fun!


5. Are you a teacher? Simplify things in the classroom with our classroom pack of vinyl labels, with up to 26 different names and two labels per name. You’ll avoid having to search for someone’s lost things, or trying to figure out which pupil that pencil case belongs to.


6. Make some wholesome, cheap but tasty snacks for your child to bring to school. You’ll know that they get something that’s actually nutritious and you’ll save money! There are plenty of recipes around the web, for example on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest board for some great examples.

Good luck!

14 Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Summer hasn’t been the best this year, so getting outside and doing those fun summer activities is not always an option. We’ve put together a list of indoor activities to try when the weather is rubbish, so that your kids don’t go mental with boredom!

1. Bring out the board games!

There are plenty of fun board games for kids and families, some that will keep your kids busy by themselves, and some that you might want to join in on.

2. Put on a puppet play.

Get crafty and dig out old toilet rolls, paper, colouring pencils, paint, and the likes. Let your kids make a few puppets and come up with a small story for the play. Creative and fun!

3. Have an indoor picnic.

If the weather isn’t good enough for a picnic outdoors, spread out the picnic blanket on the floor and put together a nice meal anyway. Your kids will love helping to prepare everything, and eating on the floor is a fun change.

4. Build a tent or a fort.

Go through the linen closet for old bedsheets and the likes, move around some furniture and build a fort. Throw in some pillows, blankets and your child will love it!

5. Have a pillow fight.

This might make you think of broken things and a chaotic house, but simply limit the fight to one room, from where you remove all fragile things. Pillow fights will keep your kids occupied for ages, and once it’s over they’ll be exhausted!

6. Put coloured tape on the carpet to make car tracks.

This makes playing with toy cars much more fun, and what more, you can change up the car tracks everyday to make it even more exciting.

7. Make an indoor hopscotch.

Another clever use for coloured tape is to make an indoor hopscotch pattern and let the kids play in the living room.

8. Have an indoor campout.

Put up a tent, dig out the sleeping bags and campout in the living room. For the finishing touch, have some hot chocolate from a thermos, make s’mores in the oven, and play games.

9. Organise a scavenger hunt.

Nothing beats a good old scavenger hunt. Hide some treasures around the house, create clues, and watch as your kids try to figure it out. They’ll be enjoying themselves for quite a while, no doubt!

10. Do a spot of baking.

There are tons of kid friendly recipes out there, and what better way to spend a rainy day than bake some sweet treats? You’ll have double the fun with both making and eating. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

11. Play dress up.

Whether you have lots of fun costumes or you just use old clothes, playing dress up is fun and creative. Your kids will have a lot of fun pretending to be imaginary people!

12. Draw, paint and get creative.

Find all the papers, colouring pencils, water colours and colouring books that you have and introduce original ways to draw and paint, using sponges, hands, potatoes, and the likes.

13. Learn how to finger knit.

Teach your kids to finger knit, provide them with yarn in different colours, and watch as they use their creativity to produce colourful, original, finger-knitted creations.

14. Make home made play dough.

Play dough is easy to make and fun to play with. Make it in many different colours and your kids will spend hours moulding figures, carving and messing around. There are many different recipes out there, for example this one.


What do you like to do when the weather isn’t the best and your kids are bored?

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