Apps and Kids on the Internet

Remember when there was no internet?  I sure do. If I needed to know anything, I would get an encyclopedia at the library!  When I wanted to meet up with friends I would call them on the family’s home phone or just drop by. In a way, it was a simpler, more straight forward time. In a way, it was a time where everything took more effort than it does now.

Obviously, Labels4Kids would not exist or would exist in a very different form it wasn’t for the internet. Perhaps I would be in a store somewhere (or have a massive chain of stores – a girl can dream, right?). Perhaps I would have followed my dad’s example and gone into a different branch of retail.

Baby with Ipad, credit:
Baby with Ipad, credit:

But I digress. What I mean is, for me there is a world with internet and a world without. But to younger people the two are intertwined, more and more so the younger they are. For teenagers and children nowadays, there is no world without Googleing, tweeting, blogging and vlogging.

It seems a double-edged sword: for us parents and generations that knew a time before internet, it may feel important not to become too dependent on it. Not to become some sort of computer screen zombies. Not only that, there is also no denying that there is dangerous and harmful content on the internet that children and teens need to be protected from.

I really feel this is the modern day parenting dilemma. It’s impossible to teach them to be independent from the internet. Even I am not and I have not had internet for the larger part of my life. Instead it is all about monitoring their behaviour and the content they take in, while letting them free to enjoy the digital life with their friends and peers.

Our littlest ones are increasingly interacting with internet devices, tablets and phones. It starts at a really young age, remember this video of a baby that interacts with a magazine as if it were an iPad?

To embrace the digital lives ahead of our babies, toddlers, children and teens, the Labels4Kids team has compiled a Pinterest Board full of great apps for all ages: for fun, for education, for playing and learning. They can serve as another stepping stone along the way to being a tech-savvy, internet wise adult.

For any of you worried about monitoring your kids activity and their safety online, here are some great links to sites that help make their internet experience safer:  Kidsmart and BBC’s WebWise. For those of you wanting to label your ipod, ipad or iphone or your tablets remember our great mini vinyl labels too! We all use them in the office and so do my kids for labelling all their internet related technology. 🙂

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