Top 5 ways to beat the autumn-winter blues

October marks the start of Autumn – the leaves are brown, the conkers are ready and, believe it or not, the amount of people off work tends to go up at the end of the month.

The reason? A lack of preparation for the changing seasons. As leaves fall, illness rises thanks, in part, to the 10-degree plummet in temperature. 

Colds are prevalent, asthma starts playing up and skin gets dry as the weather takes its toll. But the good news is that their are plenty of things you can do about it! Check out our top five tips to being prepped for autumn-winter:

1. Girls, get your wardrobe sorted!  Invest in those key items now or you might not be able to get to the shops because of the snow. And what a nightmare that would be!

2. Get ice savvy and stock up on de-icer and a must-have windscreen  scraper.

3. Prevention is better than cure so as soon as – or even before – you get that first sniffle or sneeze, get the medicine out! Stock up on antibacterial sprays, nasal sprays  and cold and flu tablets to combat the problem before it develops into a full blown cold.

4. Get the latest weather updates as soon as you can. Sign up for the local council weather reports and school closure updates before you’re left in the lurch. That way you’ll always be one step ahead.

5. Make sure your clear nail varnish is at the ready for a major conker fight!

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