Baby Olympics?

With the Olympics this summer a hot topic being debated in the news this week is whether baby’s should be allowed into the games for free if you have a ticket? It’s an interesting debate point.


  On the one side we have people who say they should, you don’t have to pay for a seat for your baby at a show, they receive free entry into many events, festivals and days out, as they tend not to be partaking in the adult activity. The other argument is that they wouldn’t need a separate seat. Also no need for a baby sitter if you can take your child with you!


  This has sparked many arguments however. The first being on things such as BA flights you have to have an allocated seat for your child, however this is due to safety more than anything. The other is what is the cut off age. Officials for the Olympics are discussing setting the cut off age at 4, which some argue is toddler age, so they will need a seat. Also how is it fair that a baby, who will probably remember very little of the Olympics can go for free, and parents with more than 2 children can only take 2 kids on the family allocated ticket. The age of the nuclear family is dead it is rare to find the 2 parent 2-child family structure.


  I think the entry rules and regulations for the Olympics will have to be discussed further, as the ideas at the minute are not pleasing many people.

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