Tips for a great babymoon

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For this week’s post I decided to tackle a subject that I used to see only every now and then, but which now seems to be increasing in popularity with more people talking about it and more people who have planned it or are in the process of planning it: the babymoon.

A babymoon, derived from ‘honeymoon’ is a vacation that parents-to-be may take shortly before or shortly after their baby arrives.

I never went on one myself, but I can certainly see the benefits of it: those last worry-free days where you can be totally immersed in just being a couple, before the little one arrives and you face countless sleepless nights.

Like the idea? There are a few thing to think about.

  • Timing: If you want to go on a babymoon, don’t wait too long to plan it! Flying is not exactly a joy when your bump is getting big; your morning sickness will not thank you for it either. If you want to fly to your destination, you might want to go before you reach your second trimester.
  • Destination: Be careful with tropical destinations or areas that require vaccinations. Travel vaccinations are usually not administered to pregnant women as ‘live vaccines’ could infect your baby. Areas where the tap water is not safe to drink can be a hazard too: even if you are good about not drinking the water, you might still ingest it if you let your guard down (for example while brushing your teeth or if you eat a salad that has been washed in tap water) which could make you and your baby sick.
  • Plan, plan, plan: Are you the kind of person who like to travel spontaneously and just see what happens along the way? This might not be the best way to go about a babymoon. Keep in mind you might not feel well some days, or you might get tired quicker or earlier than you would normally. Consider spending a bit more on your flight for good seats (close to the toilets!) and maybe priority boarding. Consider spending more on the hotel so ensure it is comfortable and suited to your needs.
  • Activities: Plan for the vacation to include plenty of relaxation time as well. This will most likely not be the right holiday for extensive sightseeing or demanding, adventurous activities.
  • Medical help: Ensure medical help of a decent standard is nearby. It might not be the best idea to go to a remote island if this means the first hospital is far away!
  • Food and eating out: It’s a good idea to check out what food is available in your hotel or in the nearby area. Check if the food is suitable: just like back home you want to avoid or be careful around soft cheeses, uncooked meats, milk and yoghurt, ice cream, cold or cured meats, fish and shellfish.

A little break before your baby arrives, whether it’s your first or not, will do you good. Treat it like a normal vacation with some extra precautions!



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