Be prepared and enjoy your summer holiday

So it’s the start of the summer again, hopefully most of you will be looking forward to a holiday or lots of day trips during the 6 week break. We are here at Labels4Kids, however one thing we are always guilty of is leaving everything until the last minute to prepare for back to school.

So we have decided to try and provide a check list to help you prepare for the break ahead.

  1. Homework

As I said we are all guilty of postponing everything, and I don’t know about you but my kids are especially guilty of this. I ask how much homework they’ve got ‘not a lot mum’ then we have an all-nighter the day before going back to school because ‘not a lot’ is the same as 4 subjects and multiple hours of work. So this year we are going to make a list of each individual assignment, and work on 1 a week… or as the oldest one does, get it out the way in one week! Then it’s easy to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

  1. Uniform check

My lot go through shoes and trousers pretty quickly, so I know every term they need new ones! But if you’re lucky enough to have kids that don’t climb up trees or perform extreme sports in their uniform (that must be what my lot do) then you might want to check everything at the start of the summer and make a list of what you need. This way you can get the best deals in the back to school sale and the most choice as you’ll get the pick of the stock too.

  1. Labels, Labels, Labels

As well as performing extreme sports in their school uniform, my lot seem to enjoy leaving it lying about everywhere too, we are frequent visitors to the school lost property box, however it’s always made easier because we have everything labelled. I know Labels4Kids busiest time is over the summer, so why not be organised and order your labels nice and early, then you’ve got plenty of time to label everything. We’ve got stick on clothing labels, traditional sew-on labels, iron on labels and sticky vinyl labels for lunchboxes and shoes. Don’t forget your bag too; we do personalised bag tags to make sure your bag stands out from the crowd. We like to do anything that saves Mum time and effort.

  1. Holiday check

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting away to sunnier climes then do a wardrobe check at the start of the summer. What still fits from last year (this goes for me and the kids) and what you need to get for this year. Then you won’t buy what you don’t need! Also if you’re having the extra stress of travelling with a little one in tow we have a few products that could help, our re-useable I-D wristbands allow you to have your contact details, flight number hotel room and a code word on if you wish, should your little one have a tendency to wander. We also have bag tags and luggage straps for easy identification for your suitcase and  cold packs for hot days on the beach!

Summer Hoilday
Summer Hoilday

Hope this has helped to get you prepared enough to actually enjoy your Summer holidays.

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