The benefits of reading for children

Benefits of reading for children

Books are a crucial part of childhood development. The stories kids hear when they’re young are the ones that they remember most, and reading together with a parent makes them even more memorable. My kids are obsessed with Peppa Pig so they love this personalised Peppa Pig book.

Reading is more than just a moment where children can let their imagination reign – it has more benefits than you may think. Here are some benefits of reading for children.


Language development

Reading is no different from any other skill, it requires constant training and practice. Luckily, reading is a very popular hobby, and many children love to read books. It has been shown that it helps to improve their vocabulary and their reading skills.

The power of discovery

I strongly believe that the more you read the more you learn. A new perspective, a different way of seeing things… But most importantly, reading will motivate your children to know more and to learn more.


Social inspiration

It is not always easy to know how to behave in a certain situation and I’m speaking as a grown adult! Books can actually help children to learn what is and is not appropriate or expected in certain social settings; they teach your child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world they live in.  Fantasy books also feed children’s imaginations and provide inspiration for when they play.  Fairy tales fascinate your kid, and help them to distinguish between what is real and what is not.


Team work

As a child or adult we love to sit on our comfy chair or couch and read. However, sitting next to your child, reading something and seeing their eyes widen with curiosity and enjoyment is priceless. It will be one of those special memories that you will cherish forever.


Most importantly, it’s fun!

I could talk about the benefits of reading all day, however, I will wrap this post up by saying that it’s one of the most enjoyable, healthy and fun thing to for you and your kids. The main take away point is that reading is not only something that you and your kids can enjoy together but it is also an activity that is hugely positive for their development.


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