Boys closing reading gap with girls

When it comes to reading ability and exam results, historically boys have always fallen behind girl’s ability levels and exam results. However a new report shows how boys are no longer lagging behind girls.

  After examining the reading habits of a selection of secondary school pupils from 1,237 schools across the UK the What Kids are Reading 2012 report found that the gap between girls’ and boys’ reading abilities seems to be closing. The report explains that as boys are no longer reading at a lower level than girls so overall under-achievement must be caused by other factors.

  Roald Dahl remains the most popular writer for children, the influx of books such as the Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon and other similar works  seem to be very popular with the boys, possibly accounting for the closure of the reading level gap.

  Whilst this research is promising the report concludes with an advisory statement, claiming that boys are interested in non-fiction and whilst any reading should be encouraged, a broad range of literature should be pushed, as should the level of reading so they are constantly challenged to keep up with the rest.

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