Boy’s names in 2013

We’ve looked at the most popular girls’ names yesterday so today we’ll look at the boys’ names that we saw most in 2013.

Like the girls’ names, we saw a lot of ‘evergreens’ or names that have been popular throughout the years. These names are usually the root for plenty of new names and variations, making sure that these naming traditions are a solid choice while at the same time being refreshing and sometimes original.

–          Alex/Alexander: This name comes from Greek (alexo + andros) and means ‘defending men’. This ancient name saw a rise in popularity after Alexander the Great, who built a kingdom spanning modern day Egypt, Persia, Iran, India, part of Afghanistan and Pakistan, in 4 BC. A good idea to name a boy after such a heroic figure!

–          Jack/Jake: ‘Jake’ is considered a variant of ‘Jack’ which in turn was a diminutive of ‘John’. The name Jack became so ubiquitous in the Middle Ages that it was used as a generic name for men or as slang for the word ‘man’. It became the name of choice in children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and expressions such as jack-of-all-trades. Nowadays it is still a very common name in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

–          Noah:  From Hebrew meaning ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’, the popularity of this name is steadily on the rise across the Western World showing an upward curve since the 2000’s in the UK, US, Scotland, Ireland and continental Europe.

–          Tom: From Thomas. There are numerous forms in this family line with most European languages having their own twist on the name. It is thought to have come from the Greek word for ‘twin’. Thomas Becket and Thomas Aquinas, both saints, were famous bearers of the name making it a suitable naming choice for Christian families.

–          William/Will: From ‘Willahelm’ which compromises the words wil (desire) and helm (helmet). A name with a royal history, with several kings having borne the name in England, Scotland, Prussia and the Netherlands.

–          Oliver/Ollie: A name that appeared on our girls’ names list as well, from the Latin word oliva meaning ‘olive’.

–          Charley/Charlie: from Charles, this in turn was based on the German name Karl. The most popular form of this name is Charlie or Charley, increasingly popular as a girls’ name as well. Following this trend of boys’ names for girls we are expecting to see quite a few girls called George in 2014 and onwards in honour of Prince George, born July 22, 2013!

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