Bring summer Camps to Britain?

It’s nearly that time of year when in America you’d be packing the kids up and sending them to summer camp. The huge tradition provides kids with a huge choice of different camps, from Christian and other religious camps, adventure camps, equestrian camps to music or water sports camps. Trained leaders care 24 hours for your child and provide entertainment and sports activities for them.

In the UK however we don’t have as many options, especially with overnight accommodation and 24 hour care. There’s a lot of rest-bite care for disabled children offered through government schemes for the summer, which are fantastic and well ran, however compared to the variety offered in the US the UK falls short.

Which raises the question should the UK follow in the USA’s footsteps? Would you prefer a bigger variety of options when it comes to keeping your child entertained for 6 weeks over the summer? Here in the office some argue that they enjoy their time with their kids over them summer, and they look forward to the family holiday away, but find it hard to keep their child entertained over the summer. The issue we have in the UK is that obviously we cannot compete with the size and variety of natural resources available in the US, so the big adventure camps with white water rafting would have to be in the few facilities we have in the UK. Also the weather isn’t as good as the US over here in the summer, so the UK would need to provide a lot of indoor activities to keep kids occupied.

The idea of someone managing to keep your kids occupied for a whole summer, I’m sure is very appealing, so have a look for local services around your area, as the Government is attempting to set up more schemes for this summer.

If you do decide to send your kids off make sure you label all your kids clothes with Labels4kids, so they come back with all their shoes, bags and clothes!

Happy Camping

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