Child of 3 charged over hitting friend

Here is an extract from what I was shocked to read today in the Daily Express:

“…A child of only 3, Jay Jones, was battered around the head and face by a three-year-old playmate as the children were left alone in a car. The attacker could not be prosecuted because he was too young, which meant Jay could not claim compensation for his injuries. According to the criminal justice system, a child must be over 10 to have criminal responsibility, but this case establishes a claimant merely has to prove a criminal act. David Kirwan, from Kirwans Solicitors, who represented the the victim, said: “It’s a landmark decision, there’s no previous precedent. It opens the floodgates and I’m quite sure there will be a lot of cases. Jay, of Wirral, Merseyside, was struck 11 times as his attacker continued to lash out even though he was screaming in pain and bleeding profusely. He was rescued when the other boy’s parents heard his shouts and noticed the car windscreen had been cracked, such was the ferocity of the assault…The doctor in the hospital had described our client’s injuries as the worst of a child that age sustained at the hands of a child of equal age with a weapon.” The attacker has since been taken into care.”

How many times do we take our young kids out in the car with a friend and then no sooner do you turn your back even just to chat at the front door of the house when there is some sort of to do about who hit who, or who injured who, or who said whatever to who.  This could have so easily happened to just about any of us. I guess the difference lies in a few basic questions:

1. Who would leave a car jack lying within reach of the children in the back of a car

2. How long were they left alone for and where?

3. How well did the parents, or the attacked child, know the attacker?

Even with the answer to all that…to think that a child of 3 could have made such a ferrocious attack on another child is horrifying.  No wonder in this case the High Court has done away with the 10 rating on being held responsible for his actions and taken the child into care. Something has got to be seriously wrong for a 3 year old to do something this bad.  It just shows though as I’ve always suspected since having kids – YOU NEED EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD at all times.

What do you think ?  Did you read about this and what are your thoughts?

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