Children’s Online Safety – Tips for Parents

The internet is an amazing and scary place. It offers a seemingly endless sea of knowledge, shopping opportunities and the ability to communicate with friends, family or colleagues on the other side of the globe, among many other great functions.

Technology and smart devices have become such a normal part of everyday life that it’s sometimes easy to forget that despite all the good things they have to offer, there is a very dark side to modern technology.

As adults, most of us are at least partially aware of some of the warning signs to look out for and know to be cautious about giving out personal details or following suspicious links. Kids, on the other hand, are for the most part still too innocent to know when something is dodgy and for this reason can easily be exploited or exposed to harmful content.

I think it’s safe to say that in today’s society, it will be impossible for you kids to completely avoid technology – even if you ban it at home, many of your child’s friends will have smart phones or tablets, and more and more schools are implementing apps and internet-based materials into their teaching.

There are, however, measures that you can take to drastically decrease the likelihood of your child becoming a victim of the internet.

This guide put together by VPN Mentor is thorough, easy to follow and breaks down the risks posed by every type of modern household technology. It also gives easy steps that parents and guardians can take to inform their kid and keep them as safe as possible while still allowing them to enjoy the many good things these devices have to offer.

It can be a delicate and sometimes embarrassing subject to bring up with your kids but we need to be vigilant to the faceless criminals out there who will not hesitate to take advantage of an innocent child who is not aware of the repercussions of the choices they make online. This post isn’t meant to frighten you or encourage you to swear off technology – not at all. There are so many good and wonderful people and services on the internet – but we just do need to be careful and make sure that our kids are too.

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