Christmas is looming already! Buy practically – labels for your school kit.

I cannot believe that it is already October break holiday time starting in Scotland. It feels like we only just went back to school. The kids definately needing a break now as the routine of daily grind and homework has kicked in and the days are starting to get shorter. The next term is always the worst, cold and dark and wet! It will be a hard slog through to Christmas but well worth it for the weather improves once we get to February anyway.

I know that everyone is dreading this Christmas with the current economic climate, with high street stores losing sales, banks being merged, and job losses on the horizon. When times are tight this is just the right time to ensure the kids DON’T LOSE THEIR STUFF! Some people winge about the cost of labels when they can write on things but really they are well worth the investment if you get the right ones for you… and you know what? Bag tags, starter vinyl packs, back to school packs are a fantastic stocking filler for Christmas. They are economical, useful, long lasting, practical and gorgeous looking! The kids will love them with the cute images on them and you are ensuring some £100 to £400 in school items is not getting sent to charity for recycling when you spent so much money making sure your kid was kitted out in only the best and coolest looking stuff in class. Don’t spend on useless junky toys that won’t last the pace. Spend on a practical money saving solution like labelling. AND another thing…if you are going on your holidays DON’T LOST THE KIDS! Airports and hotels can be busy places. Get them kitted out with some cheap id bands that have to be cut off and keep your mobile number, hotel name and so on in them to make sure they can be sent home if they do decide to wander.


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