Elocution lessons for Children?

Children at a school in Essex are being given elocution lessons to allow them to speak in the correct manner.

  This brings up a debate, should a dialect, depending on where you come from, be bread out of you through elocution lessons at a young age?  Will this help with future employment?

  The School in question hopes that pupils will be understood better in later life when they communicate with others. They also claim that this training will help children learn to spell. Some of the kids at the school however are arguing that the lessons may make them sound “Too Posh” but the teachers have assured pupils that they don’t want to change anyone’s accent. Some parents, however, claim that this is a step backwards, harping back to previous generations where elocution lessons were common amongst children, especially those in wealthy schools as emphasis and bias was placed upon accent and dialect. (just like in the story of Eliza Doolittle- who was taught to speak with a different accent).

  Is this introducing a form of prejudice back into society? For example, if this became part of the school syllabus would employers pick the best spoken candidate over the other candidate with a local dialect? This could be one problem.

  However, the point the school makes is that it is advantageous in all walks of life, for people to understand you, not just for employers but in a case of emergency for example.

  We’ll see if it takes off or not

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