Forever friends and Christmas comments

Forever Friends
By Heidi Soholt

It’s at this time of the year that I start to reminisce about all that’s happened over the last twelve months. It has been a good year in a lot of ways, madly busy but happy too. It’s funny really that the year that I’ve piled on the pounds has been the one I’ve felt really good about myself…..must be something about turning the big 4-0. They do say that confidence comes with maturity and all that, so perhaps they’ve got it right for once.

The year 2008 will definitely go down as one of rekindling long lost friendships. I have managed to track down two school friends I never thought I’d hear from again. I’ve also experienced a lot of blasts from the past, having bumped in to old friends and colleagues quite by chance.

One friend in particular has been a real addition to my life. I fell out with her badly in the last few months of school, having been best buddies for years. I hate to say it but it was pretty much my fault, I definitely went through a spell of being very two-faced, but you live and learn. When I first contacted her, I had no idea if she wanted to hear from me at all, but luckily she did. We have since chatted via e-mail and caught up a little of the years in-between. As she lives abroad we haven’t managed to meet up yet but I plan to travel to see her in the new year.

It’s amazing really because she hasn’t changed a bit. She’s still the drop-dead beauty she was at school (not fair!) and just as idealistic. It’s great to speak to someone who hasn’t become cynical when you get to my age – despite the fact she’s been through a divorce. I remember at school she could have had her pick of boyfriends but she was always waiting for ‘the one’. I read an article this week about how you are more prone to having a disastrous love life if you watch too many romantic films – apparently they are so far fetched and removed from reality that life simply never lives up to them. Don’t think my Mills and Boon loving friend would take too much notice of that one!

I’m sipping a hot toddy as I write this. I simply cannot believe that I am coming down with ANOTHER cold. Having just got over a hideous chesty thing with the help of antibiotics, I now seem to have caught another. I am convinced that young children pass on dreadful bugs. I remember that pre-sprogs I was only ever ill for about two days, and that was usually when I fancied a bit of time off work. Now, I seem to be struck down by ghastly things that last weeks and leave me feeling ready for the scrapheap. The kids, of course, bounce back pretty quickly from their lurgies.

Anyways, enough of this moaning. I must get on – have presents to wrap, cards to write, life to organise, oh and labels to buy. I need to put in an order to Ann-Maree pronto, as my son is having a major growth spurt.

Ta, ta!

Christmas Comments
by Ann-Maree Morrison

It’s always nice to read Heidi’s updates and think that I am not alone with my thoughts…on just about anything. I have to say I am Christmas concerted out after having attended 4 now in the course of a week and like Heidi’s family we are all full of flu bugs with 2 having finished school and starting to come down with a cold, while the youngest is off school anyway with a high temp. I heard the other day that half the school is off with one of 2 – either that or the dreaded pre-Christmas vomiting bug. Thank goodness, and touch wood, we don’t have the latter one yet!

I could not help but think the other day about those that are not with us anymore. What is it about the annual Christmas church service and the baby Jesus songs and so on that make it all so emotional. On leaving the church a friend burst into tears thinking of her mum who is unwell and unexpectedly in hospital out of town. Then it had me thinking of the neighbour’s brother who was such a lovely old chap who chatted to everyone and passed away this year after many heart attacks over the past few years. The kids shocked me to say that they thought it was “really really sad and we will miss him a lot”. And finally but not least my thoughts were on a friend who died unexpectedly from heart failure this year after the birth of her second child and was not even 40 yet.

You know, life is so unfair. I truly do believe that family and friends are above all the most important things in life and to be treasured and the relationships nurtured. Everyone has their ups and downs and falls in and out now and then but the most important thing is to make up and look after each other.

I do hope we have a happier 2009 when it comes but as I get older and life seems to move so much faster I am starting to wish the older two kids were tiny again and enjoying Christmas so much for the atmosphere and not the dosh! For those of you with little ones, it really is true, that we wish their lives away and then one day we sit down and think, my god before I know it they will be grown up and moving out! Let’s hope that isn’t too soon.

Meanwhile hoping all your clothing labels, your vinyls and the rest all arrive for you in time for Christmas or return to school and be assured we really do care at labels4kids and we are trying our very best to get things to your treasured little ones in time for whatever your deadline is.

Happy Christmas and a safe holiday to everyone!

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