Fraud in the school admissions process

The BBC1 10pm news report last night had an interesting report on fraud in the admissions process for schools in England.  What do you think?  Would you lie to get your child into the right school?  How important is it to you that your child is in the right school? 

It seems that some politicians are recommending that there by higher fines, even that a civil offence is introduced for parents!  The fine and the civil offence obviously are not popular with anyone but what an idea! The problem apparently is that bad.

Parents are so desperate to get their child in what they consider to be the right school that they fill in the form using:

  • rental addresses,
  • parents’s addresses,
  • other friends’ addresses,
  • fake a marriage breakdown to use another address, or even
  • use empty property addresses as a family home address.

There are 3 applications for every 1 place.

Surely punishing parents is wrong. Surely the education department should be doing their best to improve schools so that this is not as severe a problem.  A fair, honest and open system is what everyone is trying to achieve but what do you think?  Tell us your views?

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