Fun Apps for the family

Everythings going technological today, including kids toys. So here in the office we’ve decided, to try and keep up with our kids, we’d bring you 5 fun Apps to download and play with your kids.

1.Squiggles – the best thing about this App is that it’s free! suitable for 2-5 year olds, , “Squiggles!” encourages kids to draw squiggly lines on the screen. After drawing on top of sheep or behind a car and then pushing the “Go” button, the child’s squiggles come to life through animation. Children will watch their squiggly lines turn into sheep’s wool or the exhaust of a moving car. There are 14 drawing pages to animate with your finger-created living ink; and you can even take your photo and “squigglify” it.

2.Awesome Eats – Best for ages 6 and over, “Awesome Eats” is a wacky sorting game that makes playing with vegetables fun. But it also teaches kids about healthy eating by introducing them to over 50 vegetables and grains, and delivering cute nuggets of information (such as flavoring drinks by adding frozen fruits) in between the puzzles. Produced by the Whole Kids Foundation (a non-profit associated with the Whole Foods Markets), the game delivers on the mission of engaging “children in making good food choices.” Veggies and grains appear on multiple conveyor belts. As they zip by, kids use their fingers to grab hold of the foods so that they can transfer them onto the belt that will drop them into the correct boxes. These belts go in different directions, and some pause and change directions. Plus there are birds flying by trying to steal your food. All of the veggies have be anthropomorphized making them more fun to play with.

3. Draw and Tell HD – great for ages 3-10, Draw and tell is an intuitive drawing studio for kids, “Draw and Tell HD” let’s kids create artwork that they can talk about, and then it saves both the artwork and their narration to your photo album. And if they place stickers in their painting, kids can then move them around while narrating to create animation in the drawing; and all of the movement is captured as a short video with your child’s voice narrating. For the youngest artist, the coloring pages offer one-touch filling of color

4.Munch Time – Advised for ages 7 and over this app is a physics puzzler where you control the adorable chameleon Munch on his quest to find lunch. By swinging from his tongue, Munch can move around his environment to find a specific bug to eat, thereby ending the level. Before feeding Munch the desired bug, you will need to collect three stars floating in the environment.

5.TwinGo– Best for ages 8 and over Great for teaching kids logical thinking, “TwinGo!” is a series of puzzles about rolling two ball-shaped characters in tandem over an irregular floating grid. The two characters are the weather twins Fuyu and Natsu, who have somehow lost the stars that grace the sky. It is up to you to help the twins retrieve the missing stars by collecting three at a time in each of 90 puzzles spread over three unique worlds.

All tried and tested these Apps provide hours of fun, and are quite popular with the adults too!

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