Games to play with babies under 1 years old

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Bond with your little one

It can be hard thinking of games to play with very young babies. Their senses are still developing so a lot of toys might not be suitable and they are of course quite fragile so rough games are out of the question for the very young ones. So what games can you play with your very young baby to strengthen your bond, to entertain them and to teach them new skills? We have compiled a list for you.

For babies under 3 months old: 

– Keep the games very, very simple. Games with babies this young can consist of exploring new textures together, and exploring new items and objects together. For example, feel and explore different items of clothing made of different types of fabric.

– Even the objects that are most commonplace to us, can be new and exciting to a baby. Things like a spatula, a whisk, plants, different types of fruit,… are all fun to be touched and explored.

For babies 3 – 6 months old: 

– Tie a toy or a soft item to a ribbon. You can then gently dangle or sway the item in front of the baby’s face. To help develop hand-eye coordination, encourage your baby to grab the toy.

– Two words: bubble blowing!

For babies 6 – 9 months old: 

Games from this age on can get a little more complex. Try games like:

– Puppet theatre, with toys, stuffed animals or simple finger puppets. Make them dance around, talk and play.

– Babies at this age love exploring their environment and handling different kinds of objects. For a game you could for example open and close drawers/boxes/containers together. You can also empty some drawers and explore what is in them by having your baby hold or handle or just touch the items. Talk to your baby about what they are, what they are for, what their names are.

For babies just under 12 months old: 

Games can now have more of an emphasis on physical activity.

– Build a tower together, though I would advise to use only soft blocks for now. You could of course also build towers out of other things you have laying around such as empty tupperware containers, yoghurt pots, plastic cups etc. The more different items, the better!

– Imitation games usually work a treat for almost all babies. Imitate the sounds they make and have them imitate silly faces you make or sounds that you make. For example, stick your tongue out or blow a raspberry.


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