Games Plea by 10-15 year old – can you help me?

My name is Robert.  I need your help!  I agree with my mum that there is a gap in the market for interactive games for kids my age.  Are you a games company or do you know someone who can write computer games?  I love games like Call of Duty modern warfare 2 but they are above my age range.   The language and the violence  is above the British censorship levels for my age and my parents won’t let me have it.  I need a game for under 16 that has the same cool stuff.  What I want in a game is:

1. First person shooter

2. Good graphics

3. Choices of weapons

4. Realistic action but not the language

5. Ability to play with friends on xbox live and others

6. Different map options

7. A campaign that makes sense and you work up the levels

8. Different levels of difficulty

9. Championship competitions

If you can help email labels4kids to my mum and I will help with more ideas!  I really need your help please gaming companies.  I can help with more ideas via my mum’s website and blog at  You can comment or let me know if you can help via that or via labels4kids at twitter.

Written by Robert with mum’s permission to publish!

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