Go go hamsters and Meerkats Christmas must haves

My son has reminded me for some time now that Mr Squiggles the go go hamster is the MUST HAVE from Santa this year… Santa has been desperate to get it and after much much much hassle he has performed miracles! But, alas, I see that is has cancer causing chemicals in the coating! How true I wonder. The latest news reports say a US consumer protection group has raised the issue after testing but as the top selling toy for Christmas this year the manufacturer is denying it of course.

If there is even the slightest chance of Mr Squiggles being dangerous to my son of course he is just not going to get it. But the manufacturer is not doing a recall at present as they say he’s safe, and I don’t think I even have the receipt. I did buy if via Amazon though so hopefully they would be able to trace who sold it to me but I just can’t see all the stores accepting these back for a refund unless there is a product recall, can you? I think we’ll wait a week and see what the later news reports have to say. After all, perhaps it is just a scare by competing toy manufacturers whose toys are not selling as well. We’ll wait and see and hope for either a product recall or an all clear.

And the other toy in demand this year? Well those Meerkat ads certainly did the job. Aleksandr the Meerkat is going to be on sale in Harrods soon with a limited quantity produced. I think we’ll give him a skip!

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