Homework-More for the Kids or the Parents

With the kids going back to school after the Christmas break a debate currently making its way around the office is whether or not there’s too much homework being assigned to children today? And who ends up doing the majority of it?

One argument is that homework can be inappropriately assigned, even in small amounts. If teachers assign homework where the kids are encountering new ideas for the first time when they get home, it puts the parent in the situation of being a teacher. A number of late nights have resulted from last minute homework attempts followed by “I don’t understand” Or “I’ve never seen that before”. The argument here is that the parent is imply doing the teachers prep work.

However, during the course of my degree programme, I have come to the conclusion that if anything school isn’t preparing kids for the jump between school and University. At Uni a large percentage of the work is expected to be done under your own steam (just like homework) so your up to speed and ready to delve into deeper detail during your tutorials. So, in a way, homework assigned to the kids in which they encounter new ideas, is actually preparing them for the step up to University level study. But if this is implimented at too young an age a lot of pressure is put uppon the parent to help with the homework.

So if your child comes home from school, complaining that in the robot making assignement Tom’s dad assembled an electronic, voice activated robot that can do the washing and cook the dinner, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re helping prepare your child for the step up to University life.

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Regards, Kate

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