How do I prepare for school starting?

If your child is starting school, you can feel very overwhelmed. On the one hand, you are probably feeling very anxious about leaving your child for the first time. However, you also have plenty of other things to organise and get ready in preparation for the big day.

If your child is going back to school, it can be a bit of a hectic time too. This is especially the case if there has not been much communication from your child’s school. You may not yet be completely aware of what is going to happen on their first day back. With that being said, in this guide, we provide useful information on how to get your child prepared for going back to school.

Use your child’s time off wisely

Inspiration means feeling mentally stimulated to do something. This can relate to a whole number of activities. People can feel inspired to exercise, they can feel inspired to research the history of an invention, and they can feel inspired to make a nice gesture. Individuals need to feel inspired in order to put their all into everything and to really strive to achieve their goals. Kids are no different.

Inspiring children specifically can be very difficult. One area a lot of parents want to inspire their children is with regards to homework. There is also inspiration with relation to being nice to others, helping around the house, and more. But, how can you bring out this feeling within a child? Entertainment forms can do that. From playing online games to watching various cartoons; leave your child feeling inspired once the credits begin rolling. This is a great way to mix hobbies during the summer with actually helping develepment. Read on to discover how…

Inspired to be nice

Children by their very nature can be selfish. This is a natural part of growing up. They see something; they want it – as simple as that. However, cartoons inspire children to be kinder to one and other. They see how cartoon characters interact with each other and how characters do nice things in order to make others feel special. This is showcased in many cartoons, with Baby Looney Tunes being a great example.

Inspired to learn

The majority of cartoons have educational messages. They showcase how important and valuable learning can be. You will note that in most cartoons it is always the most intelligent person that proves to be victorious. The biggest and strongest doesn’t win the race, but the mind does. Also BBC Bitesize is great for fun ways of learning for holiday time or back at school.

Inspired to get creative

Inspiring children to let their creative side out can be easier for some and tougher for others. A lot of children are attracted to the arts. There are lots of cartoons designed around this, such as Australian series Hi 5.

General inspiration

Cartoons by their very nature are exaggerated, eccentric, and over the top. This alone will give your child the feeling of mental motivation and stimulation. The excitement generated from a cartoon has a fantastic knock on effect, creating a get up and go feeling.

Inspired to learn an instrument

A lot of children feel inspired to learn a musical instrument when they are young and this is welcomed by most parents. Learning to play an instrument is highly beneficial because it also enhances concentration and hand to eye coordination. The want to play a musical instrument usually derives from cartoons, with the likes of Jelly Jamm being very musically centred.

Inspired for life

Cartoons make children feel inspired for the life they have ahead. This is because there are cartoons that relate to certain careers and older life. A great example of this is Fireman Sam, a cartoon that has inspired children to want to be a fireman.

Inspired to be healthy

This is one of the most important benefits of cartoons. The problem with obesity in children nowadays has been well documented. However, some cartoons promote health and exercise. 

Cartoons certainly work well for providing entertainment, but they are also fantastic when it comes to offering inspiration as well. 

Getting their back to school shoes


School shoes are among the first thoughts when purchasing back to school things for your kid. Your kid’s comfort at school is among the most important things to think about before the start of every school term and we know how quickly kids grow out of their school shoes. Youngsters participate in a lot of outside activities while at school, and this does not merely occur when they are in their games kits. Kids will happily rip around the playground in all weathers giving no concern to the smart shoes they happen to be wearing.

School shoe labels
Starting school? Long lasting, non-crease shoe labels for black school shoes are worth the investment.

Long lasting and support the feet

Given the hard knocks that black school shoes take, it’s vital that you select something long lasting and comfy, of adequate quality to support your kid’s feet irrespective of what they decide to do. Yet, you do not want to spend excessive sums of money on something that your kid will grow out of in a year, if you are lucky!

When considering comfy shoes you’ll discover there are numerous options. There’s the style of the shoes and the fabric they are make them. Are they breathable? Are they waterproof? Do they have non slip soles for winter? Also, you’ll be concerned with the comfort and appearance and how they fit your child’s foot. Kids generally spend more than thirty hours per week in their shoes, so you can’t afford to scrimp on these items.


Your child’s shoes should be great quality and nicely-fitting to make sure your child’s feet can grow happily and healthily to prevent any foot problems in later life. You don’t want them to be too flat. You don’t want them to be too high. Shoes also need to support the bones so need to be padded. I have found with my own children the biggest problem has been making sure they are not too tight fitting around the toe causing blisters.


What you’ll be hunting for are quality items which are low cost and will last just as long as your kid needs if not longer. Here’s a great school shoe review. In the UK Labels4Kids recommends that for the right school shoe fitting and good service go to John  Lewis, Schuh or Clarks.

Make sure they do not lose any of their belongings with stick on clothing labels

Stick on labels for clothing

One thing that more and more parents are doing is purchasing stick on name labels to put on all of their child’s belongings, including stick on clothing labels packs. This is important was most children have come home with their things missing and labelling means they can be returned quicker. This can be especially frustrating if the item in question was new and/or cost a lot.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to ensure that you use stick on name labels for all of their belongings. This will ensure that items can easily be returned to your child if they go missing! This can save you a lot of money because it can prevent you from needing to replace things that have gone missing throughout the year. 

Look into any after-school classes

Many parents will agree that it is important to ensure your child has a hobby, especially one that incorporates physical activity. The rising issue of child obesity in the UK is no secret. Children seem to be more interested in playing on video games and such like, rather than playing outdoors. Children’s dance classes have long been extremely popular, and there are some reasons you should try and encourage your child to participate in one of the many classes that are available…

You ensure they are getting exercise 

There is only one place to begin and this is with the fact that you are ensure they get a good amount of physical activity. Making sure your child is active is a lot more difficult than it used to be; yet regular participation in a hobby such as dancing is an excellent way of doing so.

Improve their social skills and confidence 

In addition to this; one of the key benefits associated with dance classes is the fact that your child will interact with others. They will thus develop their social skills, which is of high importance. There are dance classes available for kids as young as three years’ old. Thus, this is an excellent way to get them ready for school. Moreover, as they get better and better at dancing their confidence will improve, and this can only be a good thing.

They develop a skill 

We are yet to even mention the fact that they will actually learn to dance! This is a skill that they will take with them, as they grow older. Yes, some children may tire of dance and decide it is not for them, whilst others may flourish and even see it as a career. You are definitely giving your child an excellent platform for the future no matter how young they are when enrolled into dance classes.

Other benefits

Last but not least, there is a wealth of other advantages that should not be ignored. This includes the fact that your child will improve their balance and coordination. In addition to this, dance is a brilliant way for them to communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a manner that is non-verbal. Finally, dance can support the literacy development of your child. This is because they use their imagination to formulate narratives, characters and ideas.

Of course, dance is just one of many different options. You have everything from football to arts clubs to choose from nowadays. Either way, it is certainly looking into this in advance of your child going back to school so you can make sure that he or she does not miss out.

Look into homework help in preparation for the school time ahead

The final piece of the puzzle is to look into homework help before school starts. Most parents today are too busy to be able to dedicate hours every evening to helping their child with their homework. They want to but the reality is that we all work more hours than ever before. Plus, there are some parents who simply cannot help their child because they do not understand their curriculum. Don’t worry; you are not the only one.


The best thing to do here is to look into homework help in advance so that you can be prepared. A lot of people think this option is not feasible. They assume that this is going to cost them a small fortune. However, this certainly does not need to be the case. If you can afford the investment consider tutoring with Kip McGrath who have a great reputation for return on investment and inspiration to see others achieving their goals.

There is also homework help available online today. This means you do not need to pay someone to come to your home. This can be in the form of an online tutor. Online resources on their own may be enough to put you in a better position to be able to assist your child. You can easily adapt your offering based on what your child needs and your availability. However don’t put pressure on your child and let them work at their own pace. Summer is a time for a break and a little preparation. Everyone needs some time out.


If your child is going to be starting school in September or returning to school, it is important to be prepared. However, there are so many different things that you need to consider and organise for the year ahead.

We hope that you have found this guide useful to help you organise your thoughts and ensure you do not forget anything important. Remember to label all uniform and kit with  after you return from your summer holiday as this is often forgotten to the last minute. Also keep an eye out for further back to school blogs in coming weeks.

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