Intervention of Parents in Higher Education on the rise?

As we’ve discussed before parents often spend a similar amount of time on homework as the kids during junior and primary, sometimes on to secondary school, they are involved in parent’s evenings and decisions on uniform change. And in the past this was their duty over. The child (if they decide to) moves on to higher education and takes control of their academic situation and apart from the phone calls home to help out their economic needs, that is normally it, after-all the parent’s can’t write their dissertation for them. However, a worrying trend being brought to the attention of others at the minute is parents telephoning deans, provosts, and college and university presidents – yes, presidents – to plead on their children’s behalf.

  This must be causing uneccessary stress on tutors and advisors to come up with the grades. And where is this coming from? The new age of consumerism is breeding a new term of “Hellicopter parents” wanting to push their childs grades up and get value for their money. With the rising cost of University fees however, it’s not suprising that it has lead to this. Of course you will be worried if your child is going to University and will graduate with massive ammounts of debt and no job oppertunities as the degree isn’t brilliant, so why wouldn’t you use every available avenue to help your child. However at the same time this is supposed to be their first step to independence, which they can hardly claim if their parents are involved every step of the way.

  So what do you think, contacting tutuors about grades and questioning their marks is a step to far, or just a simple way to ensure that your child is getting the best value for money at their University? In my oppinion it is a shame that money is now coming into question with regards to education.

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