Is being eco-friendly with kids possible?

Eco-friendly schemes and climate change is a very hot topic these days. As a parent, raising a family at the same time as trying to save the planet can seem an impossible combination. There are some really simple and budget-friendly ways that you can minimise your impact, be eco-friendly, and not add unnecessary stress to your day.

Leave the non eco-friendly car at home

Maybe this one is self-explanatory but walking or cycling as often as you can cuts down on CO2 emissions and fuel bills. It also keeps you and your kids fit and healthy. I know, life is hectic and sometimes you just need to be somewhere 10 minutes ago but every little helps. If there are times when you can leave the car at home, it’ll be beneficial for everyone.

Is all that stuff needed and green?

As a new (or experienced) parent it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Companies capitalise on this with marketing campaigns designed to convince us that “if you buy this product your life will become infinitely simpler”. This could not be further from the truth. Yes, there are certain key bits of kit that make parenting easier. There are also a lot of gadgets out there that look snazzy but ultimately end up gathering dust. Less is definitely more and also eco-friendly.

Save energy or swap to green energy options

Another really simple one – teach your kids about how important it is to not waste resources, be that energy, water, food or anything in-between. Making sure that they turn lights off when they leave an empty room, turn the tap off when brushing their teeth and not overfill their plate. These might seem like small things, but carried out over a period of time the little savings can all add up. Not only are these actions eco-friendly but they’ll help your wallet too – what’s not to like?!

The 4 R’s

Refuse -> Reduce -> Reuse -> Recycle

Teaching your kids these 4 principles (and in the above order) will stand them in good stead. Raise your kids to be good stewards of the planet. Personally, I’m not great at the reusing part – I’m just not very imaginative – but my kids have come up with some really innovative and fun ways of reusing items. Yours may surprise you too!

What’s so scary?

That doesn’t sound so scary, does it? At the end of the day, we are all human and will never be perfect or tick all the boxes all the time. That being said, our kids are going to have to live in this world longer than we are and whatever the consequences of our actions today, will ultimately affect our kids’ future.

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