Keeping fit for all the Family

A hidden secret across the British Isles (or probably not so hidden to the keen walkers amongst you) is the disused former rail lines, offering a traffic-free, family friendly route often with fantastic views and brilliant local wildlife.

 Everyone enjoys a good walk, especially in the summer time, when the weather is a bit better. However it can be a bit tricky if you have a little one in tow especially with uneven tracks being the only option to avoid the traffic, but navigating these woodland paths/ lakeside walks can be a nightmare with a pushchair or bike. The former rail lines are a family friendly option; almost all the routes are pushchair or bike friendly and are extremely easy to navigate. They are easy walks with very little inclines and smooth surfaces that allow you to go at the pace of the slowest person.  

  There’s plenty of history along these routes too, with old architecture of bridges, viaducts and tunnels and even an old railway signal on a few of the walks.

  There’s well known railroad walks in Scotland, the Peak District, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, London and the East coast to name but a few. So there’s plenty of options.

  So for good all-around fitness for the family, to cater from granny to baby, keep these in mind!


  To find traffic free routes visit and click on ‘search our mapping’


Enjoy your walk!

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