Keeping precious things close: Memory Keeper Locket

Keeping precious things close is important, as Labels4Kids customers know only too well. Our friends at Lily Blanche jewellery understand that what really makes their lockets precious is not the gemstones, silver and gold they use to manufacture their products but the photographs inside. The Memory Keeper Locket.


Treasure your precious memories

Each Lily Blanche Memory Keeper Locket opens to reveal six secret photographs, allowing you to keep loved ones close. Recently, Labels4Kids founder Anne-Maree Morrison teamed up with Lily Blanche to help the tennis coach and Strictly star, Judy Murray, when she lost her precious Memory Keeper.

Judy had bought the locket some years ago and had worn it to all the big matches played by her tennis champion sons – Andy and Jamie. This summer she tweeted that she had lost her lucky locket while on a photoshoot for the car maker Peugeot, so Ann-Maree came to the rescue.

She met up with Judy at a conference in Perth and presented her with a new locket filled with pictures of her sons’ sporting triumphs, including Andy’s Wimbledon final win in 2013 and 2016 and Jamie’s doubles championship win with Bruno Soares. Of course, a sneaky  little Strictly image was in there too. Judy emailed to say she was delighted to have her favourite piece once more.

“I love it. It is amazing,” she emailed to say. “And Anton made the cut too!”

Judy Murray locker keep memories


Gillian Crawford founder of Lily Blanche said: “Judy tweeted to say she had lost her Memory Keeper Locket just before Wimbledon. I was about to go on holiday but Anne-Maree kindly offered to give the pendant to her when she saw her in Perth. Anne-Maree is better connected than the national grid and knows everyone! We were so grateful that she was able to get the Memory Keeper Locket to Judy before the start of Wimbledon and we were delighted that Judy wore it to all the big matches, including son Jamie’s mixed doubles final.

“Anne-Maree completely understands the importance of keeping much loved belongings close which is why she founded Labels4Kids. She’s also a big tennis fan and has tennis playing sons so understands the pressure of life on the circuit. We’re so grateful to her and we know Judy is too”.

Gillian Crawford

Lily Blanche

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