Kids fitness trackers

In recent years, fitness tracking devices (FT) have become increasingly popular among adults but also, perhaps surprisingly, for use with children. Kids fitness trackers are a great tool for keeping an eye on your progress, and can be motivation to really push yourself with any training you may be doing.

I personally use one – I was pretty sceptical to begin with, but I’ve grown to really like it and it has definitely helped me with my fitness goals. I can track my steps, how many calories I burn during a workout and lots more.

Here are a few reasons why FTs could be a useful addition to your kid’s tech collection.

Why kids fitness trackers?

We all know that kids aren’t always the most careful with their belongings, especially when playing with their friends. FTs are built to endure heavy duty exercise so they would easily stand-up to a bit of rough-and-tumbling.

You can also purchase FTs specially designed for kids which have similar features to adult devices. In addition, they tend to be more colourful and appealing to children. They can help children with learning to count (even if they really couldn’t care less how many steps they’ve taken that day) and can be connected to some apps on mobile phones.

Tech support for parents

It’s impossible to keep an eye on your kids 24/7 and sometimes I have genuinely wished for eyes in the back of my head. What kids fitness trackers can offer is a way to keep tabs on how much your kid is sleeping, how active they are throughout the day and roughly how their weight behaving.

Given the widespread problem of childhood obesity, this particular function is a great way of catching any drastic upward trends before they become too much of a problem. Although bearing in mind that children are still growing and developing into their what-will-be an adult body so weight fluctuations are very normal.


Boost their motivation

I have found having a FT has been a real motivation boost for me during any physical activity I’m doing. Seeing all your stats and seeing your progress is a great way to push yourself to do better and keep pushing yourself. Kids also love seeing themselves getting better at things so showing them how to read and interpret what their FT is telling them can really encourage them to go for it!

For some children, having specific goals and targets is what they crave and gives them such a sense of achievement when they meet those goals, especially if they feel that they are making their parents proud.


Awareness of their body

These kids fitness trackers can easily be connected to a multitude of apps and can then show many different sets of data about the body. This is also a great way of educating kids about taking care of themselves and explaining to them that what they eat and their activity level has an impact on their body.

Studies show that if children are well-educated concerning the relationship between their diet, activity level and overall health they will be more likely to become all-round healthier adults.

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