Fun Ideas for Kids Sports Day

Kids sports day is when the sun is shining, school exams are coming to an end and the smell of barbecues is in the air – this can only mean one thing… school sports days are fast approaching.

Kids Sports day
Kids Sports day


Kids sports day activities:

  • The three-legged race and also the sack race are two sports day classics but kids love them and they are always a good laugh!
  • The dress-up relay: Each team lines up. The first child runs to a marker and picks an item of clothing from a pile to put on. They run back to their team, take the item off and give it to the next child who has to put it on before running back to the pile to pick up another piece of clothing. Rinse and repeat until all the clothes have been used. This one is great fun (and the kids love it when the parents do it too! Think Dad’s wearing pink tutus and fairy wings!)
  • A twist on a simple obstacle course is the horse-race. One child stands inside a hula hoop and holds it at around waist-height – this is the horse. Another child stands behind and holds onto the rim of the hula hoop – this is the rider. Completed as either a straight forward race or with (low) hurdles or other obstacles, kids love pretending to gallop around the sports field.
  • For those of us who aren’t as sporty, I always preferred games which put a real emphasis on teamwork, such as the hula hoop pass. Team members stand in a circle holding hands, with a hula hoop threaded onto the human chain. The aim is to pass the hula hoop all the way round the circle without it touching the ground. This requires the kids to work together, encouraging one another and problem solve as a team – much more up my street than running around! Also an ideal indoors activity in case it rains – this is the UK after all!
  • My personal favourite was something we called balloon battle. Opposing teams would have balloons tied to their ankles (one colour for each team). The kids are then set loose with the aim of protecting their own balloons but bursting those of opposing team members. Once your balloon is burst you’re out. The team with the last man standing is the winner.


Kids sports Day is always such a good day – come rain or shine, I’ve always found that people really pull together to make it the best day it can be for the kids and nothing beats seeing your wee ones running around with a massive smile plastered on their face as they have the best time! What are some of your favourite sports day activities? Let us know!


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