5 Large Vinyl Labels for Kids

Its easy for school students and young children to misplace their things. Using name labels helps kids identify and find their own belongings at home and school. The most widely used of the labels is a vinyl sticker label that can be used for almost anything, even items like lunch boxes and drink bottles that are washed in the family dishwasher. All our vinyls come in bright, fun colours and are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser proof.

1. Popular Vinyl Labels

So named because they are the most popular out of all of our vinyl name labels. Choose these banner-like vinyls if you want a labels that is bigger, more eye-catching and easier to see from a distance. Their dimensions of 90mm x 20mm makes them larger than our small vinyls, but still a convenient size to use on water bottles, cups or lunch boxes.

2. Large Vinyl Labels

Rectangular labels that are 40mm long by 50 mm wide. There is tons of space on these labels so you can have an image from our selection and up to 6 lines of text. A good choice if you want to include an address or phone numbers. Consider these labels to put on your luggage, on your music case or on your music books.

3. Wheelie Bin Labels

Wheelie Bin Labels will help you tell your bin apart from your neighbours’ bins. Especially made to have big letters on them and to be highly visible over a distance. No more taking the wrong bin back to your house.

4. Large Splat Labels and Large Spot Labels

Both of these labels are also available in small. Choose Large Splats and Large Spots if you want the next size up. Available in a range of colours and also multi packs with 4 different colours, and as always, with your chosen text on them.

5. Allergy Name Labels

Available in different sizes, these labels feature an image relating to a medical warning or a specific allergy. You can of course choose your own text to go with them. Put these on drink bottles and lunch boxes to warn or remind the people around your child of your child’s allergies. These labels could quite literally be life savers!


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