Lunchboxes could contain 12 teaspoons of sugar

Parents could be packing more than 12 teaspoons of sugar into their children’s lunch-boxes by giving them snacks and treats designed specifically for Kids. Which? magazine assessed the nutritional value of items that fit into children’s lunchboxes and found some were “full of salt and sugar”.

The report found that “one pack of Dairylea Lunchables Ham ‘n’ Cheese Crackers contained 1.8g of salt – more than half the recommended daily allowance of a four to six-year-old; a 200ml Robinsons Fruit Shoot orange juice drink contained 23g of sugar, which equals almost five teaspoons; Kellogg’s Frosties Cereal & Milk Bars contained seven different sugars, with sugar making up almost a third (8g) of a 25g bar; and a Munch Bunch Double Up Fromage Frais contained more than two teaspoons (12.4g) of sugar and only 2.25g of fruit puree”. (ITN,, Updated: 16/11/2009 07:23)

Which? are calling for more obvious and detailed labeling to make it easier for parents to choose snacks that are better for their children. The magazine editor Martyn Hocking said: “The best way to beat the lunch-box baddies is by checking the nutrition and ingredient information. We’d also like to see the rules on health and nutrition claims made tougher so that there’s less confusion on the supermarket shelves.” It would seem with all the conflicting information out there the only way to ensure how much sugar we put into our childrens lunch box is to make everything that goes in it ourselves.

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