Make sure you’re ready for the Nursery intake!

If your little one’s starting a half day or a full day at nursery you’ll no doubt have 101 things to prepare for! We’ve provided you with a last minute check list if you’re going in with the February intake.


  1. Make sure you’ve got all of the outdoor gear sorted; they tend to take them on a wee walk to tire them out for you (result) and at this time of the year wellies are a must, especially with all the rain we are having lately!
  2. Make sure all dietary requirements are well known to all members of staff
  3. Depending on how long they are staying get lunches prepared- also a good way to get them to go without a fuss if you pack their favourite food they tend to be fine! (Works really well with boys!)
  4. Make sure you’ve got everything labelled, between running through the sandpits and finger-painting you are bound to misplace a sock or 2! Check out our full range of labels on

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