Meep! the portable tablet for kids

Gadget specialist Oregon Scientific has announced that it’s launching an Android-powered portable computing device aimed specifically at children aged six and up.

The tablet market has developed rapidly since the explosion of the I-Pad onto the scene, HP, Asus and the likes have all got their versions out on the market, with not much to choose between them, and with Apple’s I-Pad leading the way. However it safe to say Oregon Specific seem to have tapped into a niche market by targeting kids with its latest tablet offering.

Based around a 7in touch-screen, the Meep! tablet promises protection against the worst that little hands can offer to what has traditionally been a somewhat fragile and reasonably expensive computing device.

Based on a version of Google’s popular Android mobile platform, the Meep! Includes a Wi-Fi connection for internet access and G-sensor for automatic screen rotation – along with some custom software which offers powerful parental controls which can be remotely customised using a web browser on any computer or mobile device.

Also as it doesn’t have 3G, a solution has been found that a large amount of content can be downloaded and stored in offline mode onto an SD card to entertain your kids on long journeys in the car for example. Accessories are obviously going to be sold along with the tablet, including musical instruments that can be attached to it (might be one to avoid if the aim is for a peaceful car journey!).

Not all the information about memory capacity or processor status is being shared (so competitors can’t have the upper hand) but demand looks to be high, following the device’s unveiling at the American International Toy Fair this weekend, heightened traffic has sent the company’s websites down. Definitely one to watch

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