Label your boxes when you are moving house!

Post by Laura of the Labels4Kids team

I just moved house three weeks ago. Though our new flat is not that far away from the old one and though I do not actually own any furniture, it was still a headache let me tell you. Try emptying and cleaning the house and keep 2 dogs at bay in the garden in the rain at the same time. It was a nightmare. One thing that made my house move much easier though was using labels from work to labels the boxes for which room they need to go in at the other end. I used them to indicate boxes with fragile items as well since our labels are big and colourful and it just makes the message that much clearer: be gentle with this box!

As many know in the South after the terrible floods this year and all the rain and burst rivers, moving house can be a stressful and scary experience for their children. Of course when you are flooded out there is no time to be sorted in advance but for those of you planning a house move in the near future then never fear, because Labels4kids is here to help. I have made an overview of some of our products that can help you with the move and have thrown in some extra tips for good measure.

Kids stickers, vinyl labels are dishwasher proof_MG_0040
A selection of vinyl labels.

To help your kids, try to make the moving process fun and exciting. Involve them in the packing process by letting them choose their own labels to put on their boxes and belongings such as these vinyl labels for which they get to choose a cool image. This will help them realize that their much beloved toys might have to be packed up, but that they will get them back soon! You will find that tags identifying the ‘rightful owner’ might also come in handy to resolve sibling rivalries. We also offer clothing labeling solutions such as sew on labels, stick on labels and iron on labels, so clothes don’t get mixed up in the chaos.

You can take your children to see the new house. Show them their new bedroom and their new school, or involve them in the selection process for these matters. One thing that I found to be really motivating to children is a promise that they get to decide how their new room will be decorated. Don’t be surprised by suggestions like: “Pink and orange walls!” or “firetruck/race car/astronaut wallpaper!” it may take some compromise to decide what the room will eventually look like, but it helps the kids with settling in.

One last tip: throw them a goodbye party. This gives them the chance to say goodbye to their friends in a happy setting. You could do some crafts and arts with the kids and help them make some small gifts that they can give to their friends as keepsakes. Make sure they exchange email addresses and they have each other’s phone numbers. Children may be worried about moving to a new environment, but with your support they will be fine!

Good luck in your new house (I know I am happy I made the move!)


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