My personal favourite Christmas film

No doubt as Christmas is fast approaching the TV will be filled with re-runs of your favourite childhood classic films, The Santa Clause trilogy, Home alone, A Christmas Carol, A Muppets Christmas Carol and the list goes on. However, the film that sticks out for me, I know it’s still quite modern, but it’s by far the best one in my books is Elf.

Elf, if you’ve not seen it, is the story of one little boy (Buddy- played by Will Ferrell) who finds himself transported (accidently by Santa, as he crawls into his sack of presents) into Lapland itself. Brought up as an elf, he is curious as to why he is so much bigger than the other Elves in the workshop, so Santa has to tell Buddy that he is in fact a human not an elf. Intrigued Buddy then sets out on a hilarious quest to find his Mum and Dad in New York. Queue hilarious anecdotes as Buddy gets to grips with life in the real world.

This is my favourite film purely because of the innocence Will Ferrell manages to capture with Buddy’s character. The pure delight on his face when he believes Santa is coming to the department store he finds himself working in, screaming “Santa!! Santa’s coming!! I know him!” is one of the best bits in the film.

This film has everything, slapstick comedy for the kids, subtle adult humour for the parents, and plenty of Christmas cheer for the whole family. If you haven’t seen this I thoroughly recommend a watch.


What’s your favourite Christmas classic?

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