New baby gifts – how a New Baby Labels Pack can come in handy for a newborn

Using a New Baby Label Pack

Spring is the season of new life. If you are a (soon to be) Spring mum or you know a brand new mummy, Labels4Kids has just the product for you. We would like to introduce you to our New Baby Labels Pack, which includes everything you could need when taking your baby out with you.

While you and your baby are recovering following the birth, you will likely take some time to rest and get settled at home. During this time, you will find that a good way to bond with an infant is singing and talking to them. Skin-on-skin touch and eye contact are very beneficial for your little one. Their feet and fingers are sensitive, so they are a good way to make contact with your little boy or girl. You will want to keep your face or objects you want to show them about 8-12 inches from their face, as this is their best viewing distance.

Your house is a safe haven to bond with baby, but soon enough you will want to take him or her out into the wide world. You may want them to be around other babies, or maybe you want to take a break and socialize yourself!  May be you need some peace from the crying if you baby has colic or is unsettled at first. We all need a bit of me time for sanity as having a new baby can be a shock to the system and a blessing at the same time.

This is where a New Baby Labels Pack can come in handy. Whether you are taking baby out for a stroll in their pram, or going to mother-baby meetings, you will find that labelling your possessions comes in handy, especially since there are hygienic reasons to be considered as well. You wouldn’t want dummies/pacifiers or baby bottles to get mixed up.

The New Baby Label Pack includes:

– One bag tag with a key ring for attaching to the baby changing bag or the pram or car seat.

– Easy to use iron on labels are soft fabric labels that won’t bother baby’s skin. Apply them in the hem of clothing.

– Stikins stick on clothing labels to be adhered to the clothing care label. Also useful for other small labelling requirements: they stick to clean, flat surfaces, such as pacifiers.

– A pack of mini vinyl labels to label all the other non-clothing belongings such as baby bottles, spoons, cups, feeding bowls, tubs for food and much more. They are dishwasher-, sterilizer- and UV proof.

– A pack of the fantastic Bosom Buddies for soothing mum’s breasts during breast feeding, or stimulating milk production.

This pack may prove indispensable for new mums and makes a great and useful gift.

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