Peer pressure and xbox Call of Duty:Modern Warfare

Well, here my husband and I are in a major dilemma.  For the past week the 11 year old with a pocket full of new birthday gaming vouchers is going On and On and On about buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He has the vouchers to buy it, he has the cash to buy it, but he DOESN’T have the RIGHT AGE to buy it…

so there’s the catch.  He can’t go in himself to get it, or can he?  I would have thought that if he did try the games shops would turn him away without id. However I know friends have been in the these shops and been sold games when their other friends have been asked for id.  So how do they determine someone’s age and how does the whole rating or censorship system work in the UK?  I really don’t know for sure. I see that this game is rated for example an 18 in Europe but in Australia a 15+ for example. It’s just so confusing for parents.

I really object to him playing an 18+ game at the age of 11. However I do see his point. There’s an addiction about these games. They’re cool. They have levels to beat their friends at, you work your way up the levels, you win awards,  you swap or build weapons, you beat the bad guys, and they are so realistic.  The problem in my eyes is the violence and the language on these. 

We are not over protective parents. We let him see more than some 10 or 12 year olds. He can have the odd game over his age but we like to check them out online first. We check out the forums, the clips etc first, chat to the guys at Game, and then make an informed decision. 

I have decided there is definately a HUGE gap in the gaming market for the ages of 7-16.  There are happy comicy games for 2-7 year olds and there are violent and offensive games (albeit fun) for over 16, but more for over 18, for the real gamers out there that are adults.  But the middle range are really missing out.  Surely the gaming companies have thought of this?  Is it just that there is not enough disposable income for that age group so it is not profitable for them to buy them?  Please would a company make a cool game that’s similar to Call of Duty without the blood and guts and the language.

It’s not that kids like shooting and I certainly don’t condone that either. They like the addiction of the game.  Like Pokemon as younger kids where you work your way up the levels and have certain things to find or do to get to the next level, these games are very similar.  However they also unfortunately involve guns.  It’s the whole aiming and target shooting thing that is appealing to kids, not the killing. It’s just a shame that they are becoming so much more realistic that they are just, in my opinion, too likely to affect their sleep, their brain and their acceptable level of violence. No wonder society is going to pot!

What do you think?  Do you have a younger than 18 child and have you bought it for them anyway?  Are the UK censor ratings consistent or not? Are they reliable?  Do you give in for peace and just buy it or do you hold out and not give in to your kids wishes?  Let everyone know your thoughts!

A very frustrated mum with a headache!


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