Post Summer Review

Once those kids are back at school and you’ve been praying for it for the last couple of weeks it seems eerily quiet around the house! Been thinking about the summer and how it was this year.
In Scotland it was a wash out apart from the first couple of weeks. We went to Florida this year which apart from having money, drivers licenses and passports stolen the night we arrived was otherwise a massive hit with the family…a massive hit to the wallet too though I might add!
It was way to hot for us but then got to be better than rain and in hindsight it was great to do. I think we would go October next time so it is a little quieter and much cooler. We found the thunderstorms a novelty and were never so scared in our life with one that hit like a mini tornado whilst sitting under cover (or not as the case may be) of the Seaworld whale show arena. The water flew in sideways and so did the lightening. Everyone was drenched to the skin and screaming. Quite a novelty now but not much fun at the time.
I think the kids had a great summer. The older 2 spent their lives out on the tennis courts and the younger one just naggged mum non-stop about which friend we could ring and when they could come over and whether I had rang them AGAIN yet.
Reviewing the summer holidays though I really do think they are far too long. Why don’t they add some weeks on to Christmas when it is dark and cold and no one can get out of bed, or February when it is still dark and miserable, especially in Scotland. The kids minds have turned to mince over 8 weeks off and they are having to relearn everything they learnt last year.

Has the Government got it wrong? Should holidays be spread more evenly over the year? What do you think? Are you a Teacher and what do you think?  Let us know and we’ll publish the feedback.

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