Our Selection of Sew on Labels

nw1rrrIt is easy for school students and young children to misplace their things. Using name labels helps kids identify and find their own belongings at home and school. Sew On labels look nice and tidy, are easy to apply and are good value for money. Here are 5 options from our prize winning range.

If you are unsure what type of clothing label to use, sew on labels should be your go-to choice as a lot of schools prefer them and they suit almost all situations and applications.

1. Standard Woven Sew On labels

Our main sew on and always a best seller. Choice from different colours and font styles to make your sew ons easily identifiable. We all know how hard it can be to find suitable labels for knitted items. Sew ons are a great choice, whether it is on ties, shirts, skirts, or socks.

2. Rainbow Sew Ons

A nice choice for younger children who will love the bright, colourful rainbow colours. Now you can make your sew ons stand out even more by ordering rainbow sew ons.

3. Hot Cut Sew Ons

We have taken your suggestions to heart and we have added pre-cut labels to our range. We know tafetta labels can sometimes fray or be hard to cut. This is why we added Hot Cut Sew Ons to our range. Pre-cut and with sealed edges, so guaranteed no fray.

4. Army Labels

You can also count on Labels4Kids for your speciality labels. Army labels are approved and used by the Armed Forces and the RAF and feature an empty space next to your text for writing in the rank/number yourself.

5. Scout Name Labels

For your Scouts group! Wide range of background colours and text colours as well as the possibility for two lines of text. Get your scouts labels exactly like you want them.

6. Craft and Hobby Labels

The perfect finishing touch to your home made items and great for knitted items, too. Choose from our images and borders, background colours and text colours to really make this labels something personal. We can also do bespoke labels with your own image, font or logo. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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