Do NOT teach your kids this!

Take it from us, there are some things that children are just not meant to learn. In a world that likes to focus on educational things and teaching kids things, we have put together this handy overview of what NOT to teach your kids. You welcome.

1. Do NOT teach your kids to use the stairs. If you do, you will have to supervise them while they crawl down the stairs slower than a turtle on sedatives. Every. Single. Time.

young child slides down the stairs
Or, you could of course teach them to do it like this.

 2. Do NOT teach your kids how to use your phone. It their phone now. Unless you like the newest iSnot model.

crying woman
When they drop your brand new phone…


3. Do NOT teach your kids the word ‘no’. If you do, you will be the proud parent of a even stronger-willed toddler. Good luck.

angry young child
Don’t underestimate an angry toddler.

4. Do NOT teach them to help with household chores. You will have to supervise and check after them a bazillion times, and you will still end up doing everything by yourself. Two times.

young boy spills milk and cereal
“Look mummy, I can make my breakfast myself!”

5. Do NOT teach your kid to dance. They will out-dance you every time.

Roll over Michael Jackson.

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