Teachers, What’s expected?

Every Saturday this term, teachers will turn up at school to coach pupils ahead of their summer exams. The teachers who do this are the best: dedicated, enthusiastic, gifted and loyal.But the reason for the extra lessons is not to push star pupils further. Instead, they are to ensure those pupils, who have been badly let down by weak teachers in the past, get through their exams at all.

  The teachers in question did not have the skills to teach and left out part of the curriculum. So It would seem the teachers that have already put their all into bringing their classes through their exams, then have to put in extra work turning up (and persuading their pupils to turn up!) on a Saturday!

  The question here, as tax payers has to be, what are the motives behind these people choosing teaching as a career if they are only working their set hours and aren’t committing any extra time to help the kids. The draw of the amount of holidays seems to be enticing the wrong people to the job.

  The idea of the holidays is to perfect your lesson plan and sort out the syllabus for the year ahead. There seems to be more people reaping the rewards of 6 weeks off in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas, but putting the children’s education at risk. Hopefully the BBC news coverage this story has received will cut down on the number of people in the profession for the wrong reasons

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