Tennis coaching with a difference


We just returned from Los Gigantes in Tenerife over Christmas where we had a great time with Tennis Coaching in the sun with an amazing coach called John Debnam ( ). John has a great personality and is able to get the best out of the kids and the adults. Our 7 year old has been totally uninterested in tennis and can never get a ball over the net. In a 15 minute trial session he had him hitting every ball over the net and interested in the sport too!

We found John’s site just searching google but it is an amazing site too. Tonnes of tips on techniques and latest tennis world news. It even has our family photo on it now – embarrasing yes, but hey, at least I’m out there having a go!

I would highly recommend anyone looking for some private coaching and visiting Los Gigantes to look up John’s site and get in touch. He is great with technique tips and can tell you all about USA’s Boliterie Academy tips as well. He teaches from a fabulous small local tennis club with 3 courts which also holds Sunday tournaments for fun with whoever turns up and the restaurant/cafĂ© is UK ran and good too. What more could you need? A pool? Well the club even has that for a small charge.

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