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The benefits of multilingualism – Labels4Kids

Foreign languages – these words either feel you with a geeky excitement about tenses and idioms or send shivers down your spine. I get it – you either love or hate languages. However, have you ever considered what learning another language could do for your kids?

Here are just 3 of the benefits of being multilingual for children.


  1. Thinking quite far ahead here but having a working knowledge of 2 or more languages hugely increases your child’s employability. We are living in an increasingly globalised world and any knowledge or understanding of a foreign language will instantly make your future job-seeker stand out among other candidates.

And no, not everybody else does speak English.


  1. Knowing more than one language makes kids better workers. Being able to switch between languages can make it easier for kids to multitask and spin multiple plates. This doesn’t mean that multilingual kids are scatty though – they can also focus on one task and block out any distractions.


  1. Research has shown that children who speak more than one language have better memory than those who speak just one language. Looking (much) further down the line, multilingualism also delays the onset of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia by about 4.5 years. Speaking multiple languages provides a thorough workout for the brain and thus stops it degenerating.


So there you go! There are many more benefits to learning a second or even a third, fourth etc language, including significant health benefits.

It’s also never too late to learn a language so as well as encouraging your kid to jump in, why not have a look around and see if there are any classes for adults? Language learning can be fun for grown-ups too, promise!

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