The fun of being a kid

Having your own children allows you to experience all those silly, lovely things that children get to do without anyone raising an eyebrow! Being a parent or carer is a license to relive your childhood. You can hit the rewind button and enjoy the opportunity of being a child again and live life with and through your kids.

Be naked, pull silly faces, ride the roller coaster 5 times in a row, bounce on the trampoline (despite the neighbours shaking their heads). We probaby shouldn’t. Having kids can be bitter sweet. We get the chance to relive our childhood but at the same time it also highlights all those great things we miss about being a child.

Every now and again you probably watch your children and think how nice it would be to be like that again. While having kids can let you experience all the magic and fun of childhood, it also lets you know that you are no longer a child and those days are long gone.

Here are some of the things that we miss at Labels4Kids about being a kid.

Bouncing down the stairs on your bottom.

Face painting. Well, grown-ups still get to partake at sporting events and concerts, but there’s something awesome about getting your face painted, just because.

Dressing up. Strangely enough my son loved dressingup. Zorro, Power Rangers to name a couple. We encouraged theme parties as parents, partly I suspect because we loved the idea so much. My favourite party was his 4th birthday when we hosted a Cowboys and Indians party.





We had a fort cake, my husband made a tippee tent and the piece de resistance was the cowboy wagon he built. I am fairly positive this was was something he had longed for as a child as he is a huge fan of Cowboy spaghetti western movies!


Running everywhere. I actually think it’s physically impossible for children to stay still, or just walk.







Break time. A coffee in the reception of your office building is not the same as tag, bounceball, hula hoop, and just running around outside with your friends. 

Eating what you want! You can have ice cream any time, but when you’re a kid you’re not worrying about the amount of calories in it.







Running through sprinklers or jumping into paddling pools when the sun is shining.When you’re a child, the sprinkler is fabulous. It’s just a spray of water, but it somehow becomes part of summer fun where running through it brings plenty giggles.


Fairgrounds.When I was a child I absolutely loved roller coasters, the faster the better. Now even the thought terrifies the living daylights out of me! The kids would never get off if they could.


Saturday Mornings. When my parents got out of bed and went downstairs to read the papers and prepare breakfast, my brother and I raced into their room and bounced on their bed till my mum shouted “stop bouncing on the bed , you’ll come through the ceiling!” We fell about giggling and and despite being told off did the same thing the following Saturday.







And Finally the sad face! The the magic of having big saucer eyes and a pathetic sad pout that instantly brought pity upon you when you did something wrong? I so miss having this magic superpower. 

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