The top 10 Apps for Mum’s

Ok so I have to admit I’ve finally succumbed to the technical giant that is Apple and bought a shiny new iPhone. I can’t deny it’s great, everything works so well, their customer service is great and it looks so cool (I have a funky penguin case- it’s amazing). Now I’ve been launched into the word of apple I thought I’d review the Apps available for Mum’s and I’ve put together a list of the top 10 to help our hectic lifestyles looking after our little bundles of joy! … So here goes:

10. The Safe Browser

This App from Mobicip gives you an alternative to Safari on your iPhone. It’s a great way to monitor and restrict what your children are allowed to access on the internet via the phone. You can select a filtering level based on your child’s age, and each filtering level allows different types of content to come through the browser. It’s in American language, so Elementary School level is the most restrictive, High School the least. Great for safe browsing. NetNanny is also usefull for this.

9. How to Cook Everything

This App does what it says on the tin, a huge cook book of how to cook more or less anything. Got a specific cuisine in mind? Got a fussy eater coming round for dinner or have you got 3 kids allergic to 3 different things coming round for a post-school chill-out no problem! You can search by food type, cuisine, allergy, and vegetarian/vegan; also the top rated new recipes come up on your search feed automatically if you’re stuck for inspiration. A great and easy time-saver app.

8. WebMD mobile

This App is great, it’s like having a tiny doctor in your phone, easy to use simply add all of your or your kids’ symptoms into the app and hit go, it’ll tell you what you’ve possibly got and whether to seek urgent or non-urgent medical advice. I know a few mum’s (ok nearly every mum I know) who would love this app.

7. Craft Finder

The summer holidays are a constant struggle to keep the kids entertained, especially in the UK where we tend to have 2 seasons, cold rain and warm rain. So this app is an easy way to find a craft activity suitable for your kids. You select the age of your child and it comes up with different activities suitable for that age range.

6. Manilla

The ultimate app for the list maker and money saver. This app combines and monitors all household outgoing bills in one easy to manage space to allow you to successfully budget for the months ahead. To set it up you give Manilla the logins for all of your online billing and then you can sign in with one password to check every account! So much easier than forgetting each password/user name/ login and having to get it e-mailed to you and create some kind of budget for this. A great app to have the notifications set as it can notify you before funds are due to come out, so you can have the money ready.

5. Cozi

The app that basically organises your whole life. Add a calendar, to do lists, shopping lists, appointments and photos. You can access it online or on your phone with the free app. Very handy for busy mums on the go who have to schedule in a coffee with a friend.


ShopSavvy is your own personal shopping assistant. Just scan the barcode of any item using the camera on your phone (or search for the product) to find the best prices on the net and at local brick-and-mortar stores. It’s extremely useful when trying to find the best deal on your chosen product; it makes sure you aren’t getting ripped off! I’ve used this app myself, before I used to think online stores such as Amazon were by far the cheapest, however the app surprised me with how many shops were in fact cheaper.


Along the same lines as shop savvy, Voucher codes is a great money saving app. If you need to buy a gift or eat out or keep the kids entertained for the day Vouchercodes can help with this. It’s separated into different categories and searches by location so you can find the best results near you. Great if you fancy eating out but can’t afford full price, or someone’s birthday is coming up.  If you’re on O2 there is a similar app called ‘priority moments’ it’s the same idea but gives you different vouchers and offers just for O2 users.

2. Tipulator

On that rare night out you get with your friends and fellow mummies it can take a long time to work out the bill and tip. This is where Tipulator comes in, this app works out the exact amount each person needs to pay to include the tip you have chosen. Handy for sharing out a bill with a large group. Working out this stuff can be tricky after a few glasses of wine!


For those Mums to be, iPregnancy helps you keep track of all your little squiglet’s milestones–estimated due date, gestational age, and weekly schematics of baby’s development. You can also track your moods, OB visits and weight gain; get tips for you and your partner; share on Twitter and Facebook, and much more. The Baby Name Picker functionality is particularly addictive.

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