10 Tips for Your Childrens Next Camping Trip

Sending your kids to summer camp can be a great thing for their development: they will learn to interact with new people, participate in tonnes of fun activities, learn a degree of independence and also have their (first) experience with being away from the home.

We at Labels4Kids have had our fair share of camp experiences. We’ve experienced the fear and trepidation that goes along with it – and we are not talking about the fear and trepidation of our kids! The kid in question actually casually wandered off and didn’t bother getting in touch until camp was almost over!

Years of sending kids to camp have taught us this:

  1. The camp will most likely supply you with a list of things you need. Follow that list.
  2. Except when it comes to socks. Bring loads of extra socks. Don’t forget to bring light ones, short ones, hiking ones. It will save them from lots of blisters.
  3. Bring old clothes. Kids will be getting dirty. Label shirts and pants – Stick on Clothing Labels are a quick and easy way to do so.
  4. Bring old, comfortable shoes. Avoid new shoes, comfy is the way to go! Label them with shoe vinyl labels so they don’t go missing!
  5. Label EVERYTHING. Stick on clothing labels again are good for this. They can go on all smooth, clean surfaces. They are inexpensive and have durable ink which will not rub off.
  6. Make sure medication is clearly marked and your child knows how to take it. Make sure there is enough for the duration of the camp, maybe even a bit more in case they lose it somehow (never underestimate a child’s ability to lose things).
  7. Pack postcards, stamps, and address labels . Ready printed address labels will come in handy here!
  8. Give the child some pictures of the family to take. It will give them comfort and can also help as a way to facilitate contact with other kids, by talking about families.
  9. Disposable cameras can be lots of fun for taking pictures for the family back home, but also as souvenirs!
  10. Labels all bags they bring.

It’s not easy having them far away from home. In the beginning it might be hard on parents and kids alike, but they will bring back great memories and parents… will get some well-deserved childfree time!

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