Top Family Summer Holiday ideas for 2012- the Labels4Kids Guide

It’s always tough trying to find a good holiday destination for your family, especially if you have kids of different ages, trying to cater to everyone’s needs can be tricky. So we’ve come up with a Labels4Kids guide to the top 10 child-friendly holiday destinations of 2012 (in no particular order!).


  1. Staying in the UK- Cornwall

The “Stay-cation” as it has been coined is quite popular for families with younger children that need entertaining, but cant deal with the travel involved with going abroad and if the UK’s going to have any good weather its more than likely going to be down south. The benefits for the kids: Good Beaches, fun pools, camping/ hotels, rafting and adventure activities (not forgetting surfing and body boarding of course!), sports facilities, good food and plenty of Zoo’s/ Aquariums.

  Newquay is seen as the bustling capital of Cornwall and is brilliant for kids and teenagers alike. Great for the first holiday away from Mum and Dad.


    2.   Staying in the UK-   Lake District

A great holiday for the active family. Needing a holiday to wear out the kids? Then this is the place for you! Surrounded by lakes and mountains, a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets and a huge range of activities. Spend the day hiking, boating, climbing or whatever else takes your fancy (weather permitting of course!) the Norfolk Broads is a similar holiday, but a bit more gentle than the activities offered in the lake district


   3.  France

Just a short trip across the channel or a short flight if you want to travel further south for a bit more sun is France. From beach holidays to City Breaks France has a lot to offer, this is true for accommodation too. You could cap in Brittany, Cycle in the Vercors mountains, B&B in Provence, Tree house stay in Paris, Cottage in the Dordogne or Eurocamp throughout the country! Great for all ages!


  4. Spain

Mainland Spain offers great food and cultural visits (good for the sports fan or the city slicker).Or the small Balearic Islands each offer a different kind of beach getaway. Menorca and Majorca are very relaxed and child friendly with stays in Hotels or self-catered villa apartments right on the beachfront, you can relax and watch the kids play on the beach from the comfort of your own villa. Ibiza is obviously the renowned party Island, but you also have the family part of the island too, good for teenagers and a younger family depending on the part of the island you stay on.


  5. Greece

Greece is similar to Spain In that you can visit The Mainland or the Islands surrounding, A good choice of area is essential for a family holiday as some islands are a bit more rowdy than others (Kavos is the top holiday destination for teenage party goers) but your normally safe with villa’s and apartments rather than hotels  

as the groups tend to go to hotels. Family friendly companies have a selection of hotels as recommendations. If your family are sun worshipers this is the holiday for you, however it’s a lot hotter here than Spain and if you’re not too keen on the sun it’s not advised

  6. South Africa

If you’re looking to go further afield, and if your kids are big fans of the lion king, South Africa might just be the perfect destination. A bit of a long flight, so probably not advisable with small kids, but for an adventure, heat and more animals than you can shake a stick at, a South-African safari is a great idea. Stay in tree house or tent, country lodges or hotels near the beach and book the safari excursions as required. A bit more expensive but some great deals on safari (and water safari) trips whilst you’re there.


Remember to get your personalised bag tags for your suit cases, pick the bright colours so they stand out on the conveyor belt and ID bands for the kids whilst playing on the beach, to make sure they get returned if they wander off!



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