Why choose Labels4Kids?

Why choose Labels4Kids?

We often receive phone calls asking why you should choose us over our competitors, so here’s our list of reasons why we think you’d be better off sticking with Labels4Kids for all your labelling needs.

1. Our product quality:

We extensively test all of our products to make sure they are kid proof, from the strength of our bag tags, to the dishwasher proof vinyl labels our products can withstand the roughest treatment and as many washes as possible.

2. Our product knowledge base:

With half the staff members having children ourselves at home is the best place to test the products. Through this we can provide the best recommendations for the variety of needs our customers have.

3. The versatility of our products:

We cater for all ages, from nursery up to high school (with more discreet labelling situations for the older children- when it’s not considered as ‘cool’). We also cater for nursing homes, stag and hen do’s (with our link to our Spreadshirt personalised clothing range), Schools and Universities. We are open to new ideas and applications of our products and are always willing to listen to your ideas!

4. The product range:

We have a huge range of products that we are constantly updating. Recently we have added hot cut sew ons (with sealed edges and pre cut so they don’t fray), Rainbow Sew Ons, personalised pencils and personalised pencil cases stocked with pencils and blank iron on name tags to iron on on top of existing labels. We keep growing.

5. The great customer service:

We take pride in our customer care here at Labels4Kids, we aim to answer every e-mail within 24 hours, we go that extra mile to chase up any postage queries, we always aim to dispatch within our product turn-around time, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

6. Variety of information we have available:

As well as testing each product for durability, we also do a chemical test on each product, listed on our site is the components each product is made of and the materials it contains, for all allergy needs.

7. The services we offer:

We offer the full range of delivery options to speed up your order and tracked postage so we can find out exactly where your parcel is. We also offer the choice of your child’s school/nursery to take part in our fundraising scheme, in which a percentage of your order goes back to your child’s school/nursery to help raise money.

8. Our social media links and offers:

We are very active on most media sites, you can follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook or just follow this blog (to name a few… there is more!), however our customers gain the most from liking us on our Facebook page. On this page we have a range of discounts and offers, as well as seasonal competitions. Definitely worth a like if you want great offers/discounts and the chance to win a prize.

9. Competitive prices:

With the current climate we understand that people don’t have the spare cash that they had before, everything’s on a budget. This is why we have money saving options on our site like the “Back to school selection packs” which are a way to cut down on costs if you need to re-label your child’s clothes. Within the bundle we have tags for your bag, either iron-on, stick-on, Sew-on labels (depending on personal preference) or click on labels and a range of shoe vinyl labels and small vinyl labels for your lunchbox/water bottle/books.

10. Our growth as a company:

We are currently looking to franchise our business into other countries (especially Europe), so our knowledge base of other countries is broadening. Our payment systems will continue to improve and include more options for our foreign customers and our delivery times to other Countries outside of the UK will be reducing with our bases within each Country!

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